Any Video Converter is an apt name for this video converter application, because it tells you exactly what the software does – convert any video file. But it does more than that. This video converter software also allows you to download videos from popular online services and rip content from your DVDs. This added functionality greatly increases the usefulness of Any Video Converter.

This application is simple and efficient. The conversion process involves loading a file, selecting what type of file you want to convert it to – or the product you want to view the video on – and clicking “convert.” Anyone who can operate a computer or surf the internet can use this program nearly effortlessly.

It accepts nearly all the file types we looked for when we reviewed the best video converters. And while it doesn’t export to all video file formats, this video converter software includes all the major formats associated with the most popular media players such as smartphones or tablets – practically anything with a screen capable of playing video. You can even burn a brand new DVD that will work in any player. This is not a universal feature in the best video converter software we reviewed.

One of our favorite features included with Any Video Converter is the online import tool. You simply find a video that you like on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more, copy the URL and paste it into Any Video Converter’s application. Within moments, the application has fetched the video for download and conversion for playback on your other devices.

Any Video Converter allows you to adjust start and stop times, video and audio codices, video and audio bitrates, brightness, sample rate and frame rate. Some notable missing features include transition tools and the ability to add watermarks.

We had no problems using this software. All of the output options are clearly labeled in the upper right corner, and when you import files, it will only display those that are compatible. Any Video Converter’s output profiles are organized according to device or player, such as gaming consoles, iOS devices, Android, etc. This organization makes it very easy for novice users with little knowledge of file formats. Simply find your compatible device and select "convert."

Any Video Converter includes an in-application help manual, a short tutorial guide online and email support. Although there isn’t anything extremely impressive about Any Video’s support, the help manual answered most of our questions, and the support staff answered our emails in about a day.

Any Video Converter Summary:

Any Video Converter is a powerful application that achieves what it sets out to do: convert many, many different file types into formats compatible with your favorite media players. Although it doesn’t convert audio files and lacks a few of our favorite editing tools, it is a pretty good investment for the price.

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Any Video Converter Ultimate

Any Video Converter Ultimate converts videos from almost any file type and makes recording YouTube videos easy.

This software is missing the ability to convert audio files, and it cannot help you add a watermark to your videos.

The Verdict:

Any Video Converter Ultimate is a cinch to use and offers a lot of versatility in terms of input files.